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Beautiful waters

What to Expect

So you are thinking about joining us for a tour are you? Well good for you! As said the first big step is actually the step itself to make the change from your traditional holidays to something more creative (in the spiritual way that is) that the usual. Congratulations for thinking out of the box and considering this amazing experience!

The tours we offer are very personal as we share a catamaran which has a total of 3 cabins, one of which is occupied by us (Jenny and me). With us you will experience the real Mediterranean life on this beautiful speck of water. We usually tour the Valencia and Denia water however as often as weather permits it we love jumping over to Ibiza and Formentera. These Balearic islands are truly a paradise on earth, especially if you think Valencia and Denia already are. The colour of the water is truly amazing in all of these places and the quality of life is second to none in this area of the world.

The weather is usually great here with over 300 days of sun a year and the climate is to die for. That is also the reason why so many pensioners come to these parts. The calm winds and fantastic temperatures are great for a summer holiday! Just immagine yourself sitting on the deck overlooking a magnificent sunset and sipping on a beautiful Rioja wine with some great company. The food is great in these parts of the country and we usually make an excellent paella on board. We also have a barbeque for a steak-emergency if someone doesn't like the fish that we catch (if we are lucky enough!).


The third largest city in Spain, but you would not sya it is at all! The vibe is very friendly and yet cosmopolitan. We suppose it's a bit like every other Spanish city really which are usually quite laid back anyways. This city is famous for its paellas and some say it originated here, while some say it hasn't... The harbour is quite a large one which is why we prefer to board people in Denia which is a short drive away from Valencia. This place is great for culinary experiences and has some great. For more detailed information on this beautiful city there are several references to be looked at however the main one we usually use is actually the official site of the city Valencia


Ibiza is known for its parties, but not so much for its fantastic nature spots and great little coves where you can spend the night dreaming away those Ibiza summer nights. Many come once and keep coming to this paradise on earth. Have a look what Conde Nast believes about this holiday destination with this article on Ibiza.


This is a hidden gem so far. NOt a lot of people know this place even if it has gained in popularity lately. The beaches here are to die for, just take a look at the Beach called Ses Illetes which is said to be the most beautiful in the world. We think it definitely is of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also some seriously delicious food to be had on this island.